Registered Name:
Sir Winston Bonny Bleu


AKC Registered Old English Sheepdog


Weight: 85 pounds

Height: 23" at shoulder


Health Clearances:


Excellent PennHip score

Genetic clearances for: 

Degenerative Myelopathy

Exercise-Induced Collapse

Multidrug Resistance 1

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia





We are proud to call Winston a Farmstead 51 stud. Winston is loyal, goofy, stubborn, silly, athletic and lazy. Winston has been raised inside with a "herd" of children and he is true to his breed.  He has great confirmation, nice gait, and one blue eye. His coat is dense yet soft.

Winston is available for approved AKC registered OES breedings only, please contact us.

Follow him on Instagram: @the.oes.named.winston

Health Testing of Farmstead 51 Breeding Stock

A Farmstead 51 puppy is usually a decade plus investment of time and emotion in your life. Health testing of Farmstead 51 breeding stock is extensive and of the utmost importance to assure that our Doodle puppies have the best genetic opportunity of a healthy life. 

We test our Farmstead 51 breeding stock for the following:

  • Yearly detailed complete physical health exam by our team of Veterinarians.

  • Hips OFA or PennHIP.

  • Elbows OFA.

  • DNA Markers.

  • breed specific disorders

  • reproductive disorders

  • reproductive capabilities

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