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News from Farmstead 51

Update march 27, 2024

We do not have puppies available currently...but they are coming soon...

CJ x Brock- AKC Golden Retrievers expected in mid-May

June x Jasper- F1B Goldendoodles expected in late May

Reba x Max- F1B Goldendoodles expected in early June



We are always accepting deposits to our Master List. If you place a deposit on our Master list, you'll be the first to be offered an available puppy or an available deposit spot on an upcoming litter. This is why our deposit lists fill so quickly...families move from the Master list to a specific litter prior to those litters being posted.

Click here to see our upcoming litters with open deposit lists.

How much are Farmstead 51 puppies?

Click here for information about pricing, placing a deposit on one of these beauties and what your puppy will come home with.

why should you choose farmstead 51?

Just a few reasons... 

  1. We promise that our website only contains photos of our dogs and our puppies, always.

  2. We promise that we will never sell puppies to a pet store or broker. We will always and only work directly with the families taking our puppies home.  

  3. We will always raise our puppies inside our home, in their specific whelping and nursery areas. They will travel outside when vaccination schedule and weather permit.

  4. We will always have our Veterinarian team perform all medical care for our puppies.  All vaccinations, dewclaw removal and deworming are performed in our home or in their offices but always by their trained staff. 

  5. We will always breed puppies for a purpose of having a "job", that might be therapy work or service work or family babysitter. Our puppies temperament will always be geared toward human interaction and companionship.

  6. We will honor what the puppies tell us during temperament testing. Not every puppy is the right fit for every family.

  7. We will always raise and treat our adult dogs like members of our family, living inside the house with us and participating in our daily lives. They will never live in a separate building or be treated like livestock.

  8. We promise to treat each family with respect and kindness. Sometimes things don't work out and a family will choose to find a puppy elsewhere. That's their right and decision as the customer and we will respect that decision.

  9. We promise to be honest with you about the temperament, health and raising of our puppies. Sometimes that honesty won't be what you want to hear but we will always do what's best for our puppies and their future families.

  10. We will always treat your future puppy like a member of our family, daily snuggles and kisses included.

By phone or text...

Jake and Rhett Bellon

Nick and Eden Thurber

6517 SE Taylor Rd

Blue Springs, MO 64014


Life's Abundance

Independent Field Representative


By email...

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