We are currently accepting deposits for our Winter 2021 and Spring 2022 litters.

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Cost of a Farmstead 51 Puppy

Farmstead 51 AKC Reg. Golden Retriever:   $2,250

Farmstead 51 AKC Reg. Standard Poodle:   $2,250

Farmstead 51 F1 Sheepadoodle:                  $2,000

Farmstead 51 F1 or F1B Goldendoodle:       $2,000

*price includes all applicable sales tax

Accepting deposits on future litters

A $250 deposit will put you in line on our breed specific waiting list, in date order of deposit received. A gender selection is required at the time of deposit. When a litter of your desired breed is confirmed, we will move families from the waiting list to a specific litter. We do not accept deposits based on color and make no promises regarding the color of the puppies in a litter.  1st deposit received=1st choice of puppy, 2nd deposit received=2nd choice of puppy, etc. Deposit will be applied to the full purchase price of selected puppy.  Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to future litters if desired. Contact us now to place your deposit. Cash, check and PayPal accepted.


Typical timeline:

  • Litters are planned up to 18 months in advance as females are only able to breed two times per year. They cycle every 4-8 months. 

  • Deposits accepted for future litters, families typically wait 4-6 months after a deposit is placed.

  • Female in heat, typically a 3 week process with breeding occurring during day 10-14 of her cycle.

  • Female is pregnant for 9 weeks and whelping typically occurs on day 61-63 of gestation.

  • Puppies first vet visit for dewclaw removal at 2 days of age.

  • Our puppy curriculum begins at day 5 with ENS and breed-specific activities.

  • Puppies visit our vet team at 4 weeks of age and 6.5 weeks of age for vaccinations, deworming and general health check-up.

  • Families with deposits can participate in our Puppy Play Day activities so they can meet and engage with the puppies when they are 5.5-6.5 weeks old.

  • Puppy selections occur at 7 weeks of age and are in order by date of deposit received.

  • Puppies can begin going home with families or to Angus Academy training at 8 weeks of age.

The purchase price of a Farmstead 51 Puppy includes:

  • Farmstead 51 Medical & Kennel Protocol is Veterinary supervised

  • Age appropriate vaccinations, deworming and health records

  • Health care professionally performed by our team of Veterinarians at Blue Springs Animal Hospital

  • Declaws removed

  • Lifetime registered Micro – Chip

  • Temperament testing

  • Starter supply of Life's Abundance All Life Stages dog food

  • A lifetime of support from Farmstead 51 pertaining to questions you might have regarding your Farmstead 51 puppy.

  • Farmstead 51 Tote Bag

  • Collar and keychain

  • Age appropriate toy and blanket

  • Daily age appropriate socialization

  • AKC limited registration for Golden Retriever or Standard Poodle puppies


Spay/neuter contract required, no breeding rights and will consider full registration to approved breeders only. Full registration at $4,000.