Visiting Farmstead 51

Over the years, we have learned many things about the care and protection of our puppies. We LOVE having people in our home to meet and play with our puppies as this helps them get a healthy amount of people socialization.


This also allows you the opportunity to meet us, meet our dogs and see where the puppies are born and raised. We used to have a very open door policy, allowing anyone who wanted to see our puppies to come by for an appointment. However, our number one priority is the health and safety of our puppies and our adult dogs. We followed all of the biosecurity protocols recommended but still found ourselves dealing with a sick puppy. In 2016, one of our litter of beloved puppies were the unlucky recipients of a virus which caused extensive care from our veterinarian.  Fortunately, all the puppies survived and are thriving today but it made us reevaluate our priorities.  To provide a great customer experience or to provide the safest environment possible for our babies, the choice was simple.


But we think we’ve come up with a great compromise to achieve both, beginning in 2018 we will follow this protocol for visits to Farmstead 51:

1.     If we have puppies, we will hold 2 Puppy Play Days when the puppies are around 6 weeks of age.               The puppies will have two rounds of vaccinations and a good start to a healthy immune system. This         special time is for families who are getting a puppy in that litter.  They get to meet and play with the         puppies and their parents. It lasts about 2 hours and we will schedule one weeknight and one                     weekend event. We’ll provide a little informational chat and allow plenty of time for questions and             answers. 

2.     If we do not have puppies, we will allow families with a paid deposit to visit us, meet the parent                 dogs and see where the puppies are born and raised. We will not allow any visitors if we have                       puppies under the age of 6 weeks old, in heat or pregnant females.

3.     We are happy to Facetime or Skype with prospective families or those who have a deposit placed so            they can see the puppies or our raising environment.


Puppy selection occurs when the litter turns 7 weeks old and puppies can go to their new homes at 8 weeks old or can begin Angus' Academy classes.


Thank you for respecting our desire to maintain the health and welfare of our wonderful Farmstead 51 puppies!