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Please contact us for information about placing a

deposit so you can hold your place in line.

Most Farmstead 51 families bring home

a puppy 6-8 months after placing a deposit.

Updated: 05-26-2023

Now accepting deposits:

1. Loretta x Teddy, Royal F1B Goldendoodle

   Expected to be a variety of colors

   Born 03-06-23, home 05-01-23

   Ms Pink is available!

2. June x Jasper (outside stud), Standard F1B Goldendoodle

    Expected to be shades of tan and red

    Born 05-14-23, home 07-09-23

    2 males and 1 female available

3. CJ x Teddy, Royal F1 Goldendoodle

    Expected in cream to light tan

    Breeding late May, expected late July, home late September

    1 male and 3 female deposits open

4. Flossy x Charlie, AKC Golden Retriever

    Expected to be cream to light tan

    Born 05-06-23, home 07-01-23

    2 males available


5. Reba x Jasper (outside stud), AKC Standard Poodle

    Impressive pedigree, impeccable health and temperament

    Expected in medium to dark red, solid color

    Available for FULL registration

    Born 05-22-23, home 07-17-23

    6 females and 3 males available


  1. Looking for a Sheepadoodle, please contact Shane's Sheepies, 816-210-2496

  2. Standard sized Goldendoodles will reach 50-70 pounds.

  3. Royal sized Goldendoodles will reach 70-90 pounds.

  4. Royal sized Standard Poodles will reach 50-70 pounds.

  5. We do not breed mini or medium sized Goldendoodles.

  6. All puppies shown are from previous Farmstead 51 litters, born and raised at Farmstead 51.

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