Please contact us for information about placing a

deposit so you can hold your place in line.

Most Farmstead 51 families bring home

a puppy 6-12 months after placing a deposit.

We are accepting deposits on the following planned litters:


Updated: 04-05-2021

Our deposit list is full for these litters:

Nora x Charlie, AKC Golden Retrievers spring/summer 21

Opal x Winston, Sheepadoodles summer/fall 21

Ouiser x Teddy, F1 Goldendoodles summer/fall 21


Now accepting deposits:


1. Wynona x Charlie

    F1 Royal Goldendoodles

    black,fading to silver with age

   $1750, breeding May 21, home August 21

   2 female and 2 male deposit spots open

2. Phoebe x Max (4th and final litter)

    F1B Royal Goldendoodles

    shades of red

   $1750, breeding fall 21, home winter 21

   1 female and 2 male deposit spots open

3. Ursela x Teddy (3rd litter from this pair)

    F1 Royal Goldendoodles

    shades of light tan

   $1750, breeding fall 21, home winter 21

   1 female and 2 male deposit spots open

4. Flossy x Charlie (3rd litter from this pair)

    AKC Golden Retrievers

    shades of light tan

   $2000, breeding fall/wntr 21, home spring 22

   3 female and 2 male deposit spots open


We will be announcing our first litter of

Royal sized AKC Standard Poodles in the coming months!

We are incredibly excited about this litter from Molly x Teddy.

***Standard sized Goldendoodles will reach 60-80 pounds as adults.

***Royal sized Goldendoodles will reach 70-90 pounds as adults.  

***Sheepadoodles will reach 50-80 pounds as adults.

***We do not breed mini or medium sized Goldendoodles or Sheepadoodles.**

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All puppies shown are from previous Farmstead 51 litters, born and raised at Farmstead 51.


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