Please contact us for information about placing a

deposit so you can hold your place in line.

Most Farmstead 51 families bring home

a puppy 6-8 months after placing a deposit.

Updated: 09-29-2022

Now accepting deposits:

1. Stormy x Max, Royal F1B Goldendoodles

     born Sept 9, home Nov 4 '22

     abstract and solid black

     3 females and 1 male available


2. Reba x Max, Royal F1B Goldendoodles

     born Sept 26, home Nov 20 '22

    expected in shades of light to dark red

    5 deposit spots open


3. Master list for Goldendoodles, next litter is spring '23


4. Master list for Golden Retrievers, next litter is fall '23


5. Master list for Standard Poodles, next litter is spring '23

Standard sized Goldendoodles will reach 50-70 pounds as adults.

Royal sized Goldendoodles will reach 70-90 pounds as adults.

Royal sized Standard Poodles will reach 50-70 pounds adults.

**We do not breed mini or medium sized Goldendoodles.**

Learn about our training programs and puppy starter kits designed exclusively for Farmstead 51 families!


All puppies shown are from previous Farmstead 51 litters, born and raised at Farmstead 51.


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