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New series....Friday's at Farmstead 51

We're starting a new series so you can keep track of all the happenings at Farmstead 51. So often we neglect to give you the behind the scenes work that goes into running this business and raising healthy, well-adjusted puppies for your homes. We'll try to give you an insight into our daily lives and the juggling that goes into caring for our adult dogs and puppies.

So a few things that happened during the week of 10/14-20

  • We're monitoring Molly (pregnant with Sheepadoodles for Shane's Sheepies), Pearl (pregnant with Golden Retrievers by Charlie), and Dolly (pregnant with F1 Goldendoodles by Jasper). These girls need extra love and attention, food monitoring, folic acid supplementation, and body condition monitoring.

  • We're crate training Mr Brown and Mr Gray from CJ's litter. These boys are 13 weeks old and are on our crate training schedule, right now that's outside every 3 hours, play for 30 minutes, water break and then crate rest, repeat every 3 hours.

  • We're leash training and socializing Mr Red and Mr Green from Reba's Standard Poodle litter. These boys are 5 months old and in their fear period. It's essential that they meet new people and new dogs during this window of time so they understand how to live/play in a human world.

  • We're caring for and finishing up our curriculum for Stormy puppies.

  • Ms Brown, Standard Poodle, left with her new family!!

  • 3 Stormy puppies left with their new families!

  • Charlie, Hazel and Max got bathed and groomed this week.

  • Lots of email correspondence about our available puppies and our litters available for deposits.

  • Email correspondence with Hallmark (yay!) about a possible photo shoot next week!

  • All puppies and adult dogs receive their monthly Sentinel medication for parasite prevention.

  • Ordered Life's Abundance dog food and baked 2 bags of dog treats!

Big things coming up for the week of 10/21

  • Possible Hallmark photo shoot, so bathing and grooming the puppies involved with be needed.

  • Molly is entering the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy, we'll increase her food and move her to a quieter place in the house. She'll move to the whelping room toward the end of the week.

  • Prepare the whelping room for Molly's arrival. We don't have any puppies in this area currently so we'll need to re-clean and sanitize the area, assemble the whelping box, check whelping and cleaning supplies and start to increase the temperature in this space.

OK...we'll start there and see how this goes. Ask us questions and we'll be happy to help you!

Things to look forward to with this blog: dog treat recipes, tips and tricks, whelping considerations, health testing information and processes, insights into our daily puppy curriculum, and information about available Goldendoodle puppies for sale!

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