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Happenings from the week of 12/1-12/8

  • We had a wonderful 2 part Thanksgiving with family and hope you did as well.

  • We selected to spay our Golden Retriever Swiss. She just didn't meet the goals for our breeding program. She's the sweetest girl and will be wonderful for a family. We have several family friends that we'll be reaching out to about her.

  • Dolly's puppies are growing really well. They are 1 week old and Dolly is being a great mama. We've started on ENS (early nuerological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) to help them connect with the human world. Both of these pgroa

  • Molly's puppies will turn 4 weeks old this week and this is a huge milestone week as they start on gruel and Molly starts to wean them. They are walking and talking and playing with the PVC tubes.

  • Molly, see photo, got another bath. We bathe our mom several times a week so they dont develop coat matting and stay clean during the whelping and weaning process. Especially for a Standard Poodle, they normally do some self- grooming, think cats, and this doesnt occur when they are focused on her babies. This is also a great time for us to inspect her full body and prevent any issues from flaring up. And she loves it!

  • Our "nursery" puppies all got baths this week and some grooming. We currently have 4 Stormy puppies and 2 CJ puppies looking for thier families.

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