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Things I did with my puppy today...

DeeDee and Patsy are in Phoenix, AZ with Nick and Eden and are spending time focusing on house manners, public manners and becoming awesome F51 Mamas!

So on to my point...what did I do with my puppy(s) today? Let's use yesterday so we can get through the whole day.

Let's just go through the day in chunks of time:

5:30am- out to potty and then hanging out in the house while Dad gets ready for work

6:00am- out to potty again

6:35am- ride in the car to take Dad to work, work on loading and unloading (they ride in the back seat or back seat floor board)

7:05am- back home and potty break on the way inside (we use "get busy" as a command to use the bathroom)

7:10am- Doggie breakfast, 1.5 cups of All Life Stages food by Life's Abundance, 1 teaspoon of K9 Thrive probiotic, 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil, stir and serve! Monitor that each dog is eating her meal! These girls are great eaters, never a piece of kibble left behind.

7:15am- share a bowl of water

7:20am- snuggle on the floor with Mom for a few minutes and play a quick game of fetch

7:30am- Kennel time for Nap #1

9:30am- Get outside for Walk #1, today we did 1.5 miles with 1.0 miles in loose leash heal position (or attempting too) and 0.5 miles as a sniffari checking out the area. We use regular collars and 5' leashes for our walks, no other training aids at this time. We're working on confidence building and listening during our walks. I have a pocketful of treats and reward them when in "loose-leash-focused-on-me" positions.

10:00am- extra potty break on the way back inside

10:05am- share a bowl of water

10:10am- hang in the house with Mom as she works on the computer, I have them on leash and laying or sitting near me with chew or plush toys near by. This helps them focus on settling and remembering to be near me all the time. This session ends after 1 hour or when they loose focus.

11:30am- out to potty and then Kennel time for Nap #2.

1:30pm- Outside for Walk #2, this is brief and more for "business" doing than training purposes.

1:45pm- play time in the garage, fetch, plush toy squeaks, floor snuggles for 30 minutes. I literally set a phone timer for this session.

2:15pm- share a bowl of water

2:30pm- hang in the house with Mom, tethered and working on settle. Outside when they tell me by becoming distracted or pacing (not a scheduled potty break)

4:00pm- if they need to, potty break first, Kennel time for Nap #3.

6:00pm- Outside for Walk #3, another 1.5 miles with all of the time in "loose-leash-focused-on-me" positions. Limited treats this time, more verbal praise!

7:00pm- Doggie Dinner, 1.5 cups of LA dog food with about 1/2 cup of water in each bowl, feed in kennels so I can work on human dinner. Share a bowl of water.

7:30pm- ride in the car to pick up Dad from work, work on loading and unloading more. Patsy is still alittle nervous about loading, DeeDee hops right in.

8:00pm- back home and potty break on the way inside

8:10pm- Kennel time with toys during human dinner.

9:00pm- Potty break before TV time, again tethered so they will learn to settle near us. Most of the time, Dad lays on the floor and snuggles with them.

9:45pm- Bedtime in kennels with no toys (we've made that mistake lol)

1:00am- woke Mom up for a potty break outside and them immediately back to sleep (this happens 2-3 times a week and other nights they sleep through the night)

You can also follow along on our Instagram: @eden_andher_poodles

Notes: DeeDee and Patsy are female Standard Poodles from our recent Reba x Jasper litter. They're 5.5 months old currently. We're keeping these girls as potential mamas for our future Goldendoodle or Poodle litters. All of our dogs are members of our family, never kept outdoors (never, ever!!) and spend all of their time inside the house or dedicated garage, so they need lots of time and training to be able to do that effectively.

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