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What's special about this photo?

If you've spent some time on our website, you know THIS is Farmstead 51! These are the people (and the dogs) that make this business special. We love what we do! We love meeting new families and helping them find their new family member. It's not a simple's not a's not "buying a dog." It is years and years of planning and research. It is creating a new business plan from scratch. It is heart-breaking health testing results that means a dog isn't the right fit for our program. It is staying up all night with a mama having her litter of puppies. It is missing family and friend functions because our dogs need us at home. It is meeting excited moms and dads with nervous kiddos. It is loving our puppies and dogs AND being so happy when they leave with a new family to start a new life.

But what's really special about this photo...FAMILY! Did you know that Max and Charlie are brothers? Max is a Chile (Standard Poodle) and Angus (Golden Retriever) puppy and Charlie is a Ouiser and Angus puppy. Both are the sons of Angus, our foundation sire, who is now retired! We have several dogs in our program that are related to Angus, it's really important to us to continue his legacy! And of course, Rhett and Eden are cousins and really enjoy working together to continue to improve the Farmstead 51 program.

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